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The Hydradermie Double Ionization Treatment 1hr $140

A tailored face treatment for a beautiful glowing skin. The face is radiant and luminous. The pores are tightened and the skin appears younger; moisturized, more supple and more comfortable.

The organic deep cleansing allows the skin to breathe and better absorbs the face care products. The double ionization brings a double effectiveness of active ingredients diffused in the skin, thanks to its exclusive method. The awakening of circulatory functions restore radiance. The face massage rests the features and promotes cellular exchanges. Healing effect, stimulates blood circulation. Transformation of oxygen into ozone purifies and brings anti-bacterial properties.

Indications: Hydrating, Dull, Tired skin, Aging all skin types, Acne skin, Healing.

Contraindications: Pace maker, Metal implants, Pregnancy (as prevention only), Accutane, Vitamin C acid, Eczema, open wound, irritated skin, bruising, client receiving specialist medical care.

Prepay 3 treatments, 4th is for free.

The Hydradermie Lift Treatment 1hr $129. The Hydradermie Lift Eyes Treatment 30min $75

A spectacular lifting effect on the face muscles! The Face gets an exercise “workout” and is sculpted in much the same way as a body at the gym!

A non-surgical face lift. Creates a natural temporally facelift effect by lifting features through facial muscle stimulation. The skin appears pinker, a sign that the blood circulation has improved. The facial features are lifted and the complexion is more radiant.

Prepay 3 treatments, 4th is for free.

Intensive Eye Logic Treatment 30min $75

Zoom in on the Eyes! Eye contour treatment for beautiful eyes!

This treatment targets the 3 major and difficult problems to conceal due to aging and fatigue: wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, dark circles. Helps drain puffiness around the eyes. Decongests dark circles. Smoothes away crow’s feet wrinkles and frown lines.

Prepay 3 treatments, 4th is for free.

The Beaute Neuve Double Peeling Treatment 1hr $135

Cellular Anti-Aging, Youth Radiance, Anti brown spots

Rejuvinates the skin. This treatment is the perfect solution to regain a beautiful, like-new radiant skin. The combined action of fruit acids (glycolic, citric, malic, tartaric) with Vitamin C mask restores the the skin with a sublimated and even complexion. The Regenerating Serum with Cellular Life Complex with 56 ingredients, makes the skin benefit from an in-depth regeneration.

Prepay 3 treatment, 4th is for free.

Aromatic Face Treatment with Essential Oils 45min $89

A moment of pure relaxation. Instantly visible beauty results.

This outstanding treatment is using different essential oils that diffuse their precious active ingredients to treat the skin. The specific pressure-point maneuvers performed during the Aromatic Treatment relax the face and release tension, for an exceptional moment of serenity. The plant concentrated mask restores radiance and serenity. Skin regains suppleness, radiance and softness.

Prepay 3 treatment, 4th is for free.

Glycolic Peel 30min $89

Cell Renewing Treatment

Chemical peels are fantastic weapon in our armory against dull complexions, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. While the word ‘chemical’ might sound harsh, they are actually not, and when administered in the right way, they can be highly effective. Chemical peel enhances skin health, they exfoliate the skin, which is necessary for facial rejuvenation; allows new layers of the skin cells to grow.  

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Prepay 3 treatments, 4th is for free.